Pediatric Insight: Passing Leadership Wisdom To The Next Generation

Topic: Professional Treatment of Internal Candidates

In this Pediatric Insight Conversation, the Child Health Advisory council tackles a crucial conversation of effectively guiding Internal Candidates through the leadership search committee process. While your efforts will literally affect one faculty member, the experiences of the one will be a window for all faculty into how you value and manage the careers of emerging leaders. The resulting faculty observations and opinions will definitively impact your retention efforts, for good or bad!

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Bruder Stapleton, MD, moderator


Valerie Opipari, MD


Danielle Laraque-Arena, MD, FAAP


Christine Gleason, MD


Renée Jenkins, MD, FAAP


Craig Hillemeier, MD


Arnold (Arnie) Strauss, MD


Robert Sawin, MDRobert Sawin, MD


Wesley D. Millican, MBA


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