Core Leadership Competencies


Effectively building and guiding healthy teams in support of programmatic mission, vision and strategic priorities


  • Established plan for regular and transparent communication
  • Known as an active champion for diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Clearly articulated vision and program strategy implementation plan
  • Consistently recognized for availability, passion, integrity and collaboration by faculty and institutional partners
  • Established succession, retention and faculty leadership development programs
  • Faculty are viewed as competitive for leadership positions within and outside program

Assessment Questions

  • What is your personal leadership statement?
  • Have you personally participated in meaningful leadership development programs?
  • Have you completed a personal leadership assessment?
  • Who is your current active leadership mentor?
  • What faculty leadership development activities are offered by your institution?
  • How have you developed trust with your faculty?
  • Describe the succession plans in place for your program.
  • How have you grown in your understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion?
  • Describe initiatives you have championed to promote diversity, equity and inclusion.


Pediatric Leadership Insight

  • Internal Candidates - Pediatric Insight: Passing Leadership Wisdom To The Next Generation Topic: Professional Treatment of Internal Candidates In this Pediatric Insight Conversation, the Child Health Advisory council tackles a crucial conversation of effectively guiding Internal Candidates through the leadership search committee process. While your efforts will literally affect one faculty member, the experiences of the one will […]


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