Core Leadership Competencies


Effectively foster institutional and faculty research aspirations and accomplishments


  • Established culture that encourages all faculty towards a question to be answered that will improve care
  • Appropriate diverse research portfolio with associated external faculty funding
  • Established institutional “bridging” support program for faculty
  • History of successful mentorship yielding quality of research contributions
  • Established culture that meaningfully recognizes scholarly contributions and their impact on child health
  • History of program participation in available national collaborative trials and collaborative groups

Assessment Questions

  • Have you completed a research strategic plan for your program?
  • What are your programs research goals?
  • Describe your program’s research support portfolio and your program’s research productivity as measured against the program’s research goals.
  • Do you provide ongoing granting support for your faculty?
  • Can you describe your most successful research mentee?
  • Describe the national and regional research collaboratives in which your program participates.  If none, which collaboratives are your best opportunity for advancing research in your program?
  • How do you encourage team science?
  • How have you incorporated DEI or health inequities in your research programs?

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