Child Health Advisory Council

The Child Health Advisory Council as a resource of expert insight, wisdom, and consultation for our department of pediatric and children’s hospital clients. Our advisors have been recognized as national thought leaders for their invaluable contributions to their specialty and to the advancement of leadership excellence in academic medicine.

The Child Health Advisory Council is an independent council of former pediatric chairs, chiefs and hospital executives representing more than 100 years of pediatric leadership experience and shared passion for impacting the breadth and depth of academic pediatric leadership. Together, we are committed to empowering physician leaders with the necessary knowledge and perspective to thrive in their leadership endeavors.

CareerPhysician clients will have access to the experiential insight and wisdom of the council. Our advisory council provides expert direction and advisement on client leadership and executive search engagements as appropriate or requested by CareerPhysician clients.

We work with the Child Health Advisors to garner their insights into the challenges and opportunities impacting our search and leadership development client partners.

Our advisors collaborate with CareerPhysician team to provide expert insight across the leadership continuum, including department reviews, physician search and leadership coaching and mentoring initiatives.

Advisory Offerings

The Child Health Advisory Council collaborates with the CareerPhysician team to provide expert insight across the leadership continuum from training to succession planning and everything in between. Current initiatives supported by the Child Health Advisory Council:

Physician Search & Strategy & Consultation Executive Search & Retention Services Leadership Development
Department, Division & Programmatic Reviews Search Committee Advisor Coaching & Mentorship
Clinical Operations: Productivity, Operational Design & Implementation National Candidate Identification & Engagement Faculty Mediation & Conflict Resolution
Diversity & Inclusion Program Design Package Mediation & Negotiation Leadership Assessment Services & Succession Planning
Research Program Assessment & Strategic Design Faculty Leadership Retention Building Cultures of Wellness

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