Core Leadership Competencies

Clinical Excellence

Creating clinical cultures known for excellence in the delivery of high-quality patient care


  • Top quartile patient satisfaction scores
  • Top quartile faculty engagement scores
  • Top quartile patient outcome national benchmark scores (appropriate by specialty)
  • Established plan for continuous quality and patient safety improvement
  • Documented provider of choice
  • Ongoing effort to maintain or achieve US News Ranking(s)

Assessment Questions

  • What clinical quality measures do feel are most important for your program?
  • Do these measures align with your hospital partners.
  • What are the clinical strengths and weaknesses of your program? Provide 3-5 steps for improving each weakness.
  • Do opportunities exist to build clinical expertise and competency?
  • What metrics, rating services, … do you utilize to determine patient satisfaction, quality of patient care and position in marketplace?
  • How do you assure that your clinical programs are equitable?
  • Describe a quality improvement initiative you successfully led for your program.
  • How would you rate the safety of your care delivery?


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