Core Leadership Competencies


Establishing philanthropy as a strategic priority for all faculty, recognized by the community and as a key contributor to the research and fiscal missions of the program


  • Established philanthropic strategic plan including established priorities with DO and foundations at hospital and university
  • Recognizes the importance of philanthropy for support of research and clinical programs.
  • Established philanthropy training program for faculty
  • Clear plan for energizing and rewarding faculty around philanthropic contributions
  • Clear plan for community fund-raising events with clearly-articulated goals/needs for each program

Assessment Questions

  • What is your current strategy for philanthropy?
  • Do you have institutional support for philanthropy directed to your program?
  • What is your program’s ‘brand’ and/or community reach?
  • Do surveys show that philanthropy is supported? Are faculty trained in philanthropic solicitation and know where/how to make referrals to development staff?
  • What was your most successful philanthropic accomplishment?
  • What donor disappointment taught you a lesson?


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