Core Leadership Competencies

Faculty Coaching

Fostering the development of people skills and the wisdom necessary for effectively addressing leadership, operational and personality challenges


  • Established mentorship program for new and current faculty
  • Established coaching resource utilization plan for “problematic faculty” and as a part of an established faculty leadership development program
  • Established plan and protocols for managing challenging faculty/staff interactions?
  • Established cadre of mentors and external coaching resources
  • Established sponsorship to support mentorship and coaching initiatives

Assessment Questions

  • What are the coaching/mentoring opportunities for faculty in your program?
  • Is coaching and mentoring valued at your institution? Are surveys conducted to make certain these programs are functioning effectively?
  • How do you manage challenging faculty/staff interactions?
  • Describe a successful mentoring/coaching experience you provided.
  • Who was your most important mentor and why?
  • What was the most interesting/important feedback received from a mentee?


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