Core Leadership Competencies

Business of Medicine

Successfully lead and grow clinical, operational and strategic priorities


  • Clearly articulated strategic plan
  • Demonstrated understanding and utilization of:
    – Financial and operations reporting statements
    – Funds flow mechanisms and measures
    – Competitive compensation and productivity models
    – Legal and HR documents and requirements
  • Demonstrated operations transparency
  • Effective management of clinical productivity and reimbursement models

Assessment Questions

  • Does your program have established written strategic plan and priorities? Are those priorities aligned with those of the hospital, the department/medical school?
  • Do you have committed financial resources to match the established priorities?
  • What percentage completion would you ascribe to successes in achieving the established strategic priorities?
  • Is your program recognized as the market leader for clinical services? What five things could you do to increase market share?
  • What percentile are you currently achieving for the business operations metrics established for your program?
  • Do you have an established process for the continual evaluation of the fiscal and operational matters for your program?
  • Are your faculty currently compensated at the 50% of AAAP?


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