Core Leadership Competencies

Healthy Cultures

Developing dynamic faculty cultures that promote professional wellness, cohesive teams and the retention of faculty talent


  • Has a department mission/vision statement that demonstrates core values of the department.
  • Builds professional skills of faculty and staff.
  • Demonstrates concern over faculty personal success and well being.
  • Established on-boarding and mentorship program.
  • Consistent understanding of the established core values of the culture.
  • Ability to adapt to significant external changes (i.e. COVID, environmental disasters….).
  • Actively champions a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion.

Assessment Questions

  • What word describes the culture of your organization?
  • What programs have you developed to actively promote diversity, equity and inclusion?
  • Do faculty wellness programs exist? If so, how they are structured, evaluated, etc?
  • What initiatives have you led to improve faculty retention? Describe a retention challenge that you successfully managed.
  • What special programs have been developed for faculty development?
  • What mechanisms do you have for provider satisfaction, performance of meaningful exit interviews, process to resolve disputes?
  • What measures have you taken to ensure your culture continues in the face of COVID and/or other external challenges?


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