Core Leadership Competencies

Recruitment & Retention

Establishes and implements a faculty talent recruitment strategy capable of attracting and securing top-tier passive faculty talent


  • Candidate-facing versus institutionally-facing recruitment processes
  • Established year-round candidate sourcing efforts with protocols for opportunistic hires
  • Proven track record of success in diverse faculty hiring and established processes that ensure DE&I best practices
  • Monitors faculty retention and satisfaction
  • Established recruiting process training and education programs

Assessment Questions

  • Describe your institution/program’s hiring practices that ensure commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion process
  • Describe the engagement strategies utilized to identify candidates for a search.
  • Describe your strategy when forming a search committee.
  • Can you describe your most challenging/successful recruit?
  • Can you describe the most disappointing recruitment/retention failure and what you learned?
  • What is the most common reason for a voluntary faculty departure in your program?
  • What are the established recruiting best practices utilized by all programs in your department?


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