Core Leadership Competencies


Creating inspirational cultures conducive for training the next generation of faculty and academic physician leaders


  • Protected time and salary support for faculty contributions to educational mission
  • Innovation, continuous improvement, annual reviews and rewards structure
  • Established efficacy measures for faculty engagement with trainees (% who go into a program after experiences)
  • Established metrics documenting that graduates exemplify program’s educational goals
  • Outstanding program graduates choose to accept open faculty positions within program
  • Established trainee career mentorship program
  • Diversity in trainees and educational leaders

Assessment Questions

  • What’s the mission statement (include goals/importance) for your educational program(s)?
  • How have you chosen the educational leadership for your program(s)?
  • Do your faculty have “protected time”/effort support for their leadership and/or participation in educational programs?
  • What innovations have you initiated in your educational programs?
  • How do you monitor the quality of your education programs?
  • How do you personally interact with resident and fellows?
  • What initiatives do you utilize to improve retention of your residents and fellows?
  • Is your program highly rated by students/residents/fellows for their educational experience with your program?  If not, what measures can be taken to improve?


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