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The Critical 6 F’s of Successful Recruitment

Valerie P. Opipari, MD, Arnold W. Strauss, MD, Bruder F. Stapleton, MD, Danielle Laraque-Arena, MD

1. Make a lasting (good!) FIRST impression.
No matter what the outcome with each candidate you invite to interview for a position, the first onsite visit is crucial to not only landing your desired candidate long term but equally important for those you do not select/match for the role. Every candidate that visits you and your institution will leave with a lasting impression from the first visit. Read more…

Fierce Conversations Advance the Dialogue on Racism in Academia

Renée Jenkins, MD, Professor and Chair Emerita at Howard University College of Medicine

Academia has embraced and validated the business literature observation that diversity and inclusion are necessary and critical cultural characteristics to advance the work, and success of any organization. Indeed, a robust literature exists to show that diverse communities are more innovative, more quickly advance solutions to complex problems and in medicine – help to drive improved quality and outcomes. Read more…

In and Out- and In-Between: Successful Leadership Transitions

Christine Gleason, MD, Professor Emerita of Pediatrics at the University of Washington School of Medicine 

 Child health leaders face challenges and opportunities—both professional and personal—at leadership transition points. As members of CareerPhysician’s Child Health Advisory Council, we present the following collected thoughts and advice we’ve received (or wished we had!) regarding leadership transitions, whether incoming or outgoing and whether the transition is to or from an interim or permanent position. Read more…

Communication for Successful Leadership

Craig Hillemeier, MD, Emeritus CEO, Penn State Health Emeritus Dean and Professor of Pediatrics at Penn State University

Establishing and communicating a vision and empowering faculty toward a realization of that vision are essential to the success of a leader, especially in these challenging times. Dr. Craig Hillemeier, founding member the Child Health Advisory Council, discusses the importance of effective communication as it relates to the success of a leader. Read more…

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Strategic Management through Challenging Financial Times

Valerie Opipari, MD, Chair of Pediatrics (Emerita), University of Michigan;
F. Bruder Stapleton, MD, Chair of Pediatrics (Emeritus), University of Washington

Dr. Opipari discusses the critical impact of strategic management and strong academic leadership in challenging times, including approaches to Revenue Growth, Expense Reduction and Fund Utilization for Department of Pediatrics to consider during financially downturns. Read more…

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Revenue Growth, Expense Reduction – Case Example

Valerie Opipari, MD, Professor and Chair Emerita of Pediatrics, University of Michigan Medical School

Revenue Growth: Improve patient access by opening new clinics eg. evening clinics, ambulatory expansion and continue implementation of planned new in and outpatient clinical programs. Read more…

CareerPhysician Child Health Advisory Council Proves Impact of Its Unique Transformative Leadership Recruitment and Development Process

F. Bruder Stapleton, MD, Chair of Pediatrics (Emeritus), University of Washington;
Christine Gleason MD, Chief of Neonatology (Emerita), University of Washington;
Valerie Opipari, MD, Chair of Pediatrics (Emerita), University of Michigan;
Wesley Millican, MBA, CEO and Physician Talent Officer, CareerPhysician

All child health organizations, including schools of medicine, academic departments and children’s hospitals, periodically require external evaluation of leader performance and leadership recruitment needs, especially at times of transition. Read more…