Core Leadership Competencies

Diversity & Inclusion

Intentionally creates a diverse faculty workforce within a collaborative, supportive environment that encourages and promotes participation from all team members

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  • Data and practice driven transparency of department’s DEI goals
  • Established ongoing faculty DEI Education & Training
  • DE&I rewards and recognition
  • Established URM and diverse faculty recruitment practices
  • Documented improvement in URM, IMG and diverse faculty and faculty leadership recruits

Assessment Questions

  • Do you consider the faculty in your program to be highly diverse in their makeup?
  • What personal learning in the area of DEI and antiracism have you and/or your program undertaken?
  • How have you demonstrated building a DEI community is a priority for you?
  • How do you measure progress in DEI in your program?
  • What is your most successful DEI focused recruitment effort for your program.
  • What are your program’s year-over-year trends in faculty diversity and equity?

Pediatric Leadership Insight

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