The CareerPhysician Difference – Building Healthy Faculty Talent Cultures

CareerPhysician is the national leader in executive search and leadership development in academic pediatrics with 24 years of unprecedented success supporting the complex faculty and executive leadership needs of Departments of Pediatrics and Child Health Organizations. No one understands the pediatric leadership paradigm and its inherent supply, resource and system challenges better. The firm’s innovative talent acquisition and retention processes are recognized as the gold-standard in academic pediatric recruitment and leadership development. Through its Core Leadership Competencies and partnership with the Child Health Advisory Council, CareerPhysician is exclusively committed to the continued development of current and future physician leaders.

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Executive Search

Recognized as the gold-standard in executive search and leadership development, our Child Health team represents more than 50 years of search excellence in academic pediatrics successfully connecting our client partners to transformational faculty and physician leaders. Learn more.

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Institutional Reviews

In partnership with the Child Health Advisory Council, we offer leading-edge institutional review services to facilitate preparedness and ensure self-awareness prior to the inception of critical leadership talent acquisition endeavors. Learn more.

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New Leader Engagement Program

The New Leader Engagement Program is offered in partnership with the Child Health Advisory Council, represent an invaluable part of CareerPhysician’s innovative talent recruitment and retention process and are proven to ensure and bolster the success of new leaders and their programs. Learn more.

Core Leadership Competencies

Over the last 24 years of meeting the executive search and leadership development needs of child health organizations, ten leadership competencies have been constants in the candidate attribute requirements of our institutional partners and their search committees. As a key part of its commitment to pediatrics, CareerPhysician recognizes the need for professional development resources and training in its Core Leadership Competencies and has partnered with the Child Health Advisory Council to facilitate the transfer of invaluable wisdom and experience from one generation of leaders to the next. Expertise in each of these competencies will be required of all next generation leaders seeking to advance their programs, cultures and teams into the future. Learn more.

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