How to Purchase a Medical Practice

The current state of the healthcare industry has created an extremely dynamic and sometimes unpredictable marketplace for private practices across the U.S. If you’re considering buying into this volatile market you’ll need to be rigorous in assessing the true and transferable value of any practice you’re analyzing for potential purchase.
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International Protocol

Going Global – A Guide on International Protocols

We live and work in a global economy.  Thanks to the conveniences of modern technology, geographic distance is not a barrier for conducting business worldwide.  It is likely that you have already encountered various forms of cultural diversity in your career as a physician. 
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Malpractice and Risk Management

Medical Professional Liability Coverage
When choosing a malpractice insurance carrier, several issues should be discussed prior to making a decision. Some of these include:
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Managed Care – Contract Evaluation

Contract evaluation is a process that every practice should have defined and documented. This can be a simple checklist or as sophisticated as a weighted calculated system. Either way, the process should be documented and utilized by all of the individuals who have contracting authority.
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Managed Care Process

How does it work in the Practice?
What do you need to look for in a practice as it relates to managed care support?
You need to identify the resources that are dedicated to the total managed care process. Does the practice have a department that supports the majority of the managed care functions? Exhibit C describes a comprehensive managed care process within a practice.
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Medical Practice Financial Statements

The biggest career decision you will make following your medical training and medical career management will likely be joining a medical practice. A practice is a small business and you will be entering the business of medicine. Very likely you will have business partners in this enterprise.
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