Remember, you are negotiating all the time during the recruitment process, and there are predictable responses to the maneuvers that take place in a negotiation.

1.  If you the physician out who the real decision maker is within the employer’s organization.  2. If you have to bargain too much, too long, then the deal was probably not worth doing.  3.  HR consultants advise that practices that physicians who bargain long and hard are often inclined to break an eventual contract and leave the practice.  4.  Don’t claim to be a strong negotiator even it’s it’s true.  It often will backfire on you during a tough negotiation.  5.  Remember the six magic words – “Here’s what I’m prepared to do.”
6.  The pressure to get a good deal is just as much on them as it is on you.
7.  Always try to negotiate in person.
8. Negotiate in your own surroundings, it gives you much more comfort and control.
9  Deadlines work wonders, whether real or manufactured.
10. Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Keep your sights on the major goal.
11. Know the base line deal before beginning the process.
12. Treat a job candidate as you would like to be treated if it were you.