Research shows that Americans generally expect four things when meeting someone.  1. Stand:  Because business protocol is gender neutral, both males and females should stand when meeting or greeting someone.
To do so shows respect for yourself as well as for the person you are meeting.  2.  Smile and Make Eye Contact:  A smile puts others at ease and is one of the most effective nonverbal gestures for people to communicate acceptance to others.  Your use of eye contact when introducing yourself establishes trustworthiness and communicates your enthusiasm and interest in meeting the person. 3.  Introduce Yourself by Stating your Name:  A confident introduction is one in which you clearly state both your first and last name.  For example, “Hello, my name is Jim Jones.”  4. Shake Hands:  Giving a firm and appropriate handshake indicates your professionalism and your pleasure in meeting the person.  Be aware that if are not careful, your handshake may send a negative signal to your interviewer.