Below is a sample physician resume cover letter for use when you have acquired a senior physician or professional referral into practice and/or opportunity.  This should be a brief letter to supplement and provide further explanation of your interest in the opportunity and your CV.  It should also communicate to the reader that you are proactive in your approach and committed to excellence.


Dr. John Doe
The Children’s Hospital (Hospital/Practice name)

City, State, Zip


Dear Dr. John Doe,

A sample first paragraph (introduction using referral leverage):

I am a (insert Training Year) resident/fellow, graduating from the (insert Training Program Name) at (insert University Name).  Your (select Practice or Program) was recommended to my by (insert Name of Referring Physician or Industry Contact) as they felt it to be a potentially strong fit for my strengths and interests in (insert Your Specialty.)  (insert She/He) ask me to tell you hello and to reach out to you to discuss your future needs for a new associate committed to (select Clinical Excellence And Productivity or Academic Excellence.)

A sample second paragraph (list your accomplishments, sell yourself!):

As a current Chief Resident, I have consistently excelled throughout my medical training-I graduated at the top of my class from medical school, scored either first or second during my in-service exams and have previously won the honor of “Resident of the Year” for two consecutive years. I am considered to be a reliable, knowledge and hardworking team player. I have found that I am extremely capable at balancing the quality of my care with the quantity of patients I can see.  I have learned a lot over the last three years and am ready to apply my knowledge in the real world.

A sample third paragraph (conclusion and call to action):

I have come to know that (insert Name of Referring Physician or Industry Contact) does not readily hand out compliments.  I have learned to wholeheartedly trust (insert Her/His) judgment about your (insert Practice or Program) and interest in my future success as a (insert Physician or Physician Scientist). (insert I Would Like To Schedule a Convenient Time For Us to Visit By Phone and Will Call Your Office on (insert Day and Date) or I Will Be In (insert City Name) Visiting Family or Attending (insert Meeting Name) on (insert Day and Date) and Would Like to Set Up a Time To Visit Your Office and Buy You a Cup of Coffee.  I will call your office on (insert Date and Day) to discuss your availability.) I have also attached a copy of my CV for your review.   Thank you in advance for your time and do not hesitate to email or call me if it is more convenient.    

Best Regards,

John Smith, M.D.

Add Email Address and Cell Phone Number

Enclosures: CV and References