What does the credentialing process consist of?

The credentialing process consists of activities designed to collect relevant information that will serve as the basis for decisions made regarding appointments and reappointments to hospitals and approval for participation with specific payors.
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What happens to my patients if my physician group or I go out of business?

If your patients is being treated for an acute condition, a serious chronic condition, are in the second or third trimester of a pregnancy or are hospitalized, HMO’s are required to provide your patient access to you for a certain amount of time, no matter what happens to you or the physician group.

Why is it important to keep credentialing files?

The term credentialing, when used in conjunction with a physician’s practice, is the process of substantiating a physician’s credentials with required documents such as a state license, diploma, continuing education credits, third-party payer registration, professional liability insurance coverage, tax identification number, and business permit.
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