Throughout the credentialing process it’s very important to consistantly follow up on the various timelines of your application and various paperwork.

Sue Parks, president of Parks Healthcare, a Phoenix-based physician billing and consulting firm, suggests mailing all materials “return receipt requested.”  “That way, you can prove that someone received your materials,” she says. In addition, it helps to have someone else review the application before sending it. “If you leave even one field blank, your application can percolate to the bottom of the pile,” she warns.  Universities, for example, may need to be checked on. Some experts also recommend periodically checking in with the licensing organization to check on  the status and ensure things are running smoothly. Use of the Journal of Contacts can help one stay organized. If problems crop up, Parks suggests speaking to a manager at the managed-care plan, rather than a front-line employee. She says, “If you build up a relationship with someone who has authority, the chance of materials getting lost is lessened.