Many professionals have been so influenced by their environment that they adapt or alter their inborn personality tendencies almost beyond recognition.

Personality assessment tools are used to address the innate nature of the personality to help individuals get what is called their “”true type””, the inborn pattern or potential, the source of our identity. Most personality assessment is done through self-report with individual response to items varying according to mind set, vocabulary, life experience, culture and so on. Temperament and type dynamics theory states we have favorite abilities that help us meet our psychological needs. These are specific to each temperament. To behave in ways not consistent with one’s inborn pattern takes a tremendous amount of energy and is highly related to stress. If one is conscious of their preferential pattern and the development it would naturally take, they could embrace the stress of such a change and allow for the extra energy drain. When one uses these “”intelligences,”” they tend to excel and feel good about themselves and are energized.