If you fall under the first two categories above, you must file a USCIS Form I-612 (Application for Waiver of the Foreign Residence Requirement) by mail with the USCIS office that serves that area where you live.

Read the entire application carefully and submit the right documents, photos, and fee. Forms are available by calling 1-800-870-3676, or by submitting a request through the forms by mail system. For further information on filing fees, please see USCIS filing fees, fee waiver request procedures, and the USCIS fee waiver policy memo. Please see the USCIS Field Offices Homepage for more information on USCIS office locations. If your government, a U.S. government agency, or a U.S. state is applying for a waiver for you, the government body should apply directly to the Bureau of Consular Affairs for the waiver. The USCIS and the Bureau of Consular Affairs will consider your case, and notify you of their decision.