90% of first impressions are based on non-verbal signs such as body language and tone of voice.  As shocking as this may be, research confirms that the words that you speak account for a mere 10% of the impression you leave on an interviewer.
The importance of non-verbal gestures is so important to your image that entire books have been written on the topic!  The words you say during your interview will be interpreted by the nonverbal gestures that accompany them.  Therefore, it is important to ensure that your “unspoken” words communicate your confidence, interest, attentiveness, and integrity. Whether you intend them or not, your body conveys subtle signs that are  subconsciously interpreted by your interviewer.  While many of these signs are natural,  it is important to be aware that 70% of the impression you make on your interviewer will  be as a result of how your body “speaks” during the interview.