There I a wide vrietyof handheld mobile appliances varyin in cost from $200 to over $1000. Popular brands include HP, Palm, Asus, Toshiba, Mitac and Sony.

Imporant considerations to fctor into you shopping selection incude – · input method – options range from abbreviated PC keyboard, keypad, touch-screen, stylus or voice recording.

  • communications – do you want your device to also send and receive emails, voicemail, and serve as a mobile phone?
  • connectivity – will you be synchronizing your calendar or phone book data with a server-based system?  connecting to PCs or corporate servers to access databases, applications or other tools?
  • compatibility – will you be in the workforce of managers in your program with existing mobile and server-based systems that you need to be compatible with?

Here’s a recent review by PCWorld Magazine of the top 10 acording to its testing and ompaative ranking –,aid,116027,pg,2,00.asp