Repeating the name in the final moments of your conversation will help to engrave it in your memory.  Research shows the most common reason for forgetting a person’s name is failure to focus on the moment of introduction.
Most people are already thinking about what they will say next and don‘t even hear the person’s name.  Force yourself to listen and get into the habit of immediately repeating a person’s name back to them after an introduction has been made.  For example, “it’s so nice to finally meet you, Mr. Thomas.”   You will undoubtedly be meeting a number of people throughout your interview process.   It will be difficult to remember all of these individuals’ names if you do not make a  concentrated effort to do so.  Name retention is a skill that will surely set you apart from  your competition.  Sadly, few people actually invest the time to make sure that they remember names, but the pay-off is great for those who do.