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Go to Networking E-Learning is a collection of critical content from subject matter experts designed to enhance the return on your educational investment. With the reduction in training program hours and the increased complexity in the business of medicine, 99% of residents, fellows and young physicians report being unprepared to effectively manage the challenges of starting a career in medicine. Click on one of the communities to the left to begin.
Go to On - Site CareerPhysician is a national executive search and leadership consulting firm with 28 years of proven experience collaborating with academic hospitals, colleges of medicine and children’s hospitals. We are committed to a tailored, culture-oriented strategic approach in all of our search engagements. CareerPhysician prioritizes search excellence & search methodologies that allow academic client partners to attract transformational leadership talent across roles and specialties. We are driven by a belief that all physicians are leaders and in the right role they will positively impact the future of the patients, families and organizations they serve.
Go to Networking CareerPhysician Advisors is comprised of national thought leaders recognized for excellence in health systems, hospital and academic leadership and in their subspecialty fields of practice. Our advisory councils provide expert direction and advisement on client engagements and strategic priorities. In conjunction with their commitment to the strategic search and leadership development services offered by Career Physician, the Advisory Councils are focused on furthering the leadership competencies of current and future physician leaders through the Centers of Excellence.
Go to Networking CareerPhysician Relocation services are here to make life a little easier. Whether you are changing practices, buying a new home or moving to a new city. Our goal is to bring you the best resources available to physicians in career transition so that you can focus on your clinical, research and academic goals.
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