Groups that divide at least some proportion of their income equally struggle with what to do with: low producers, disabled physicians, those who wish to lower their productivity for life-style purposes, and retiring physicians.

Many groups develop some sort of “fail-safe point” in which a member is no longer provided an equal share of income production once his or her production falls below a specific point.  That “under-producing” doctor’s income would then have to be reduced automatically when the situation arises, thus avoiding confrontations and/or negotiation.  For example, a member might no longer receive an equal share if the member’s total charges for a year becomes less than 75% of an equal load. The member would thereafter be entitled only to his or her actual production percentage of income until the member brings back his or her share of the total workload back over the “fail-safe point” for some period of time. The other partners would divide the remaining amounts as usual.