Success in your healthcare career will be that much sweeter and fruitful if it is balanced with a fulfilling life outside of medicine.  To maintain self-esteem and motivation, physicians should build support systems and pursue interests outside of medicine.

A loving partner or family remains a steadfast and invaluable source of affirmation that is not tied to performance in the workplace. Likewise, following an exercise routine can help combat the stress of spending hours on cumbersome paperwork but family and exercise are not the only resources to improve the work-life balance. Exploring creative interests, such as music or the arts, can provide outlets for satisfaction and self-esteem distinct from that gained through the workplace. Also, participating in self-help support groups can provide physicians with a network of interpersonal contacts for sharing similar concerns and developing resources to address said concerns. The benefits of outside emotional support and extracurricular activities can also be augmented by a focus on developing relationships with those inside the medical profession.