When it comes to your accoutrements, less is more in an interview setting.  The only item necessary to bring into an interview setting is a leather portfolio, preferably black, that contains a notepad, pen, several copies of your CV, and several copies of your reference listing.

{Note:  Industry specific guidelines may indicate that additional materials such as a transcript, portfolio, copies of articles, etc. should be included in the portfolio.  Adjust as necessary} The materials inside your portfolio should fit neatly inside the pocket – avoid stuffing your portfolio with research, notes, and information from other programs with which you might be interviewing.  In addition to a portfolio, women may take a small purse or handbag into the room.  Under no circumstances should backpacks or large tote bags containing anything from magazines to water bottles accompany you into the building.  Finally, make sure that your cell phone or pager is turned off.  It is a serious mistake to interrupt an interview with a ringing phone.