If you should consider working with an exectuive search rectruiter / head hunter that you trust and has come personally recommended.  They will take much of the legwork out of the initial candidate search and could increase your odds of selecting the right physician for your practice by carefully evaluating and porescreening candidates. Whether you use a search foirm or not, prepare yourself for a process that will unfold along the following lines:  1.  Carefully spell out precisely what you're looking for in a new physician, 2.  review qualified applicants' CVs, 3. scehdule and conduct telephone interviews to pre-qualify best candidates, 4. schedule and conduct face-to-face interviews for best candidates, 5. conduct a post-interview analysis 6.  prepare an offer for the desired physician(s) 7. enter into employment agreement negotiations and contract signing.

Posted May 15 2020, 05:22 PM by admin
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