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  • I've been advised by my program director to nail down an employment contract - negotiated and executed - many months prior to completing my training? What's the rush?
  • I'm always uncomfortable using notes during a presentation. Any tips on how to successfully pull this off?
  • What sort of tips can you offer on how to research a prospective employer before my first interview?
  • Are there professional credentialing services to help me in the process? Are there any for non-US, international residents?
  • We have our share of conflict in the office and we also suffer from high staff turnover. What's the connection?

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  • When may I treat a minor without parental consent?

    A person under age 18 is considered a minor and generally may not consent to their own medical treatment without authorization from a parent, guardian or custodian. There are exceptions to this rule. In an emergency, the physician should try to obtain...
    by admin on 08-22-2011
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