Launch Your Career ®
CareerPhysician has been conducting this highly rated seminar series for more than 15 years at teaching programs across the nation. Residents, Fellows and Program Directors have all received enormous benefits from this customized series which simultaneously address the career needs of the student and the RRC and ACGME requirements of the Program Director. Though additional series topics are available, the following represent the most utilized sessions over the trailing five years.
Program Topics
Conducting an Effective Practice Search
For eight years, this has been our most utilized program. This information packed session provides an amazing overview of each of the Launch Your Career ® series offerings listed below. Residents and Fellows from PGY-1 on, leave the session with a heightened awareness of the critical non-clinical factors they will need to consider as they contemplate their futures in medicine. We highly recommend this career overview program as your first offering in the Launch Your Career ® series.
Physician Employment Agreement Workshop
Residents and Fellows will learn the inter-workings of evaluating and negotiating a medical practice employment agreement. Students will engage in a real-time employment agreement mock negotiation through real life examples and role-play.
Practice Financial Statements – An Evaluation Tool
In order to effectively evaluate the business acumen of potential practice options, students must understand the basic financial documents used by today’s practices and institutions. Our expert faculty will provide a comprehensive overview of financial and practice management reports including: balance sheets, income and cash flow statements, AR and AP aging reports and more!
Financial Planning: Financial Success Post Training
Graduating with significant debt is a reality for many students finishing training. Managing debt and balancing significant increases in disposable income is a reality. To achieve total career satisfaction young physicians must learn to manage the economic aspects of their career. Our expert faculty will teach Residents and Fellows the key goals and financial strategies necessary for success. How much do you want to have when you retire? Can you get there?
Coding and Compliance
Great patient interactions and high Press Ganey scores are good, but being able to effectively bill and collect for what you do is critical to an entity’s or individual practitioner’s survival. Our expert instructors will test the current knowledge of the students and take them through the basics of evaluating the coding and compliance practices of potential practice opportunities. This session receives surprisingly high marks due to the students finally seeing the impact of bad practices on their futures.
Medical Malpractice and Risk Management
Effective chart documentation is a key element in protecting yourself against litigation, but there is more. Our expert faculty will provide insights into the intricacies of medical malpractice and risk management using specialty driven case studies and industry data. Students will leave the program with a heightened awareness of the current medical malpractice climate and a sense for the professional practices that might help them proactively avoid future litigation.
DiSC Personality Assessment: Personality and its Impact on a Successful Practice
This amazing team-building tool provides powerful insights into each student’s personality, while also teaching how to recognize the traits of those colleagues around you. Our expert faculty will help each Resident and/or Fellow gain an appreciation for their strengths and weaknesses as well as those of their attendings and peers. Programs completing the DiSC program have experienced noticeable improvements in communication, camaraderie and conflict resolution.
Effective Platform & Communication Skills Workshop
Grand rounds, journal club, poster and research presentations: Residents and Fellows are in constant communication. Our expert faculty will test each participant’s current public speaking acumen in a fast-paced interactive exchange. Students will learn the do’s and don’ts of giving effective presentations and will be assisted in overcoming stage fright and bad habits. Each will leave confident and eager for their next podium opportunity.
Etiquette Skills Training
Being at the top of your training program clinically is great, but do you know how to handle yourself in a formal social business setting? The right fork or glass, when to stand and a hundred other key factors may ultimately decide who gets the job. Research has proven that as much of as 80 percent of a practice’s hiring decision is based on the soft social skills of the interview process. Our expert faculty will take students through a hands-on, seven course experience sure to challenge current dining and networking practices.
Evaluating Life in Academics and Private Practice
With the average tenure of residents and fellows in their first job averaging three years, we remain convinced that students need to give additional thought to their post training decisions. Utilizing expert faculty from both private practice and academia, CareerPhysician seeks to provide Residents and Fellows with a comprehensive overview of the many career choices available and the challenges of each.
For more information about the CareerPhysician Launch Your Career ® Series for resident and fellows please contact:
Wesley D. Millican, MBA
CEO and Physician Talent Officer
CareerPhysician, LLC

Cell: (817) 307-1199
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