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In 20 years of supporting the career needs of America's young physicians, residents and fellows, I have learned that the stigmas of residency and fellowship live on for many years post training.  Countless numbers of newly minted physicians approach the job market as if they are still subservient figures doomed to forever comply with the nonstop demands of senior attendings or practicing physicians.  It is time to realize that at the competition of your training you are now equally trained officially peers and colleagues separated only by experience.  To many young physician waste countless time and financial resources mailing pretty cover letters and CVs that will never see more than the official round file of the practice administrator.  While you are sending out your sterile offerings your competition for the job is on the phone making live direct contact with the practice or program thus creating barriers to entry that your paper documents will never penetrate.  Yes, I realize it will seem foreign to pick up the phone, call your target practice and ask for doctor Smith to discuss your interests and their needs.  Get Over It, Practice Your Pitch In The Mirror, Make The Call.  They are!!!

About the Author:

Wesley Millican is the Founder and CEO of CareerPhysician Advisors L.P., one of the Nation’s leading providers of comprehensive career and business education resources to residents, fellows, and training program directors.  For over nine years he has dedicated the CareerPhysician delivery models into being a premier leader in physician career management and education. In addition to CareerPhysician, he is the Founder and CEO of MillicanSolutions, Inc., the Nation’s only executive search and consulting firm focused exclusively on strategic leadership initiatives for children’s hospitals. For more information on MillicanSolutions, visit

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