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  • How to Increase the Number of Primary Care Physicians
  • 5 Things to Keep in Mind When Negotiating Your First Employment Agreement
  • What To Do (and Not Do) When You Are Sued: Ten Tips for the Physician Defendant
  • Academic vs Private Practice Ophthalmology
  • What Are Good Goals?

CPArticles are a vital tool in the evolution of your career journey. Designed to offer perspective, answer questions and formulate thoughts, these articles have been compiled and written by leading media outlets, Professors, Chief Residents, medical staff as well as contributions from CareerPhysicians' staff members.

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  • How to Increase the Number of Primary Care Physicians

    How to Increase the Number of Primary Care Physicians Demand for Doctors Reaches All-Time High By Art Young Takeaways The recently passed healthcare act will give new insurance coverage to 32 million people Because of a lack of compensation, there are not enough primary care physicians Solutions to this challenge will come from innovative new policies The recently passed healthcare reform legislation in the United States will soon give 32 ...
  • Managed Care - Market Analysis and Strategy Development

    Why is it important? It is Friday night and your high school football team is playing in the state championship playoffs. It is imperative for your team to know: a) the strengths and weakness of the other team b) when to call a certain play to gain optimal yardage c) where the ball must be to score points d) what plays to call to score points e) all of the above The practice you are evaluating is much like your high school football team. The ...
  • Managed Care - Contract Evaluation

    Contract evaluation is a process that every practice should have defined and documented. This can be a simple checklist or as sophisticated as a weighted calculated system. Either way, the process should be documented and utilized by all of the individuals who have contracting authority. Exhibit E is an example if a checklist used to review fee for service contracts. The practice should develop and continue to refine the list as an ongoing ...
  • Managed Care Evolution- The Global Market Perspective

    "Your past success guarantees you nothing, if the rules change in the future, and if you are not careful, your successful past may block your vision to the future." Joel E. Barker, Futurist What is Managed Care? Welcome to the world of confusion and chaos. Managed Care is a world in which the players changed daily and there are no rules. The only constant is change. The term Managed Care theoretically represents the appropriate ...
  • Managed Care Process

    Managed Care Process - How does it work in the Practice? What do you need to look for in a practice as it relates to managed care support? You need to identify the resources that are dedicated to the total managed care process. Does the practice have a department that supports the majority of the managed care functions? Exhibit C describes a comprehensive managed care process within a practice. Not all of the functions have to be organized in ...
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