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  • Employment Agreement negotiations from the Practice Perspective

    Employment Agreement negotiations from the Practice Perspective In any game, there is always a great advantage to getting inside the head of your opponent. Although employment agreement negotiations should never be approached from an adversarial standpoint, we think you will benefit greatly from an appreciation for what motivates an employer during the recruitment and job offer negotiation process. Whether you are considering joining a large ...
  • Strategic Employment Contract Negotiation Tips

    It's a Process There are four, sequenced stages to any successful employment contract negotiation : the pre-agreement process writing the agreement negotiating the agreement closing the deal At each stage in the process you'll want to exert as much control and project as much confidence as possible while keeping a positive, good faith posture throughout. From a broad strategy perspective, this approach will greatly enhance your ability ...
  • Employment Contract Negotiation Tactics

    In a companion Career Physician article , we offer a range of suggested tips and strategies for managing the process of a successful e mployment agreement and physician contract negotiation . Our approach in that article was a broad, strategic overview of employment agreement negotiations. In this article we focus more specifically on the actual negotiation itself, offering tactical advice on how to get the best deal you can. Dealpoints ...
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