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  • The Cover Letter (Sample #1 Introduction Using Key Referral Strategy)

    The Cover Letter (Sample #1 Introduction Using Key Referral Strategy) Below is a sample physician resume cover letter for use when you have acquired a senior physician or professional referral into practice and/or opportunity. This should be a brief letter to supplement and provide further explanation of your interest in the opportunity and your CV. It should also communicate to the reader that you are proactive in your approach and committed to ...
  • Why Are You Afraid To Call?

    In 20 years of supporting the career needs of America's young physicians, residents and fellows, I have learned that the stigmas of residency and fellowship live on for many years post training. Countless numbers of newly minted physicians approach the job market as if they are still subservient figures doomed to forever comply with the nonstop demands of senior attendings or practicing physicians. It is time to realize that at the ...
  • How networking can help young physicians land your first position

    Casting a Wide Net How networking can help young physicians land your first position by Wesley Millican Every young physician knows it’s important to keep up with the latest research. But if you’re looking for your first job after a residency or fellowship, extra journal reading may not be your smartest move. Most of the best jobs never make it into the journal classifieds—or into the active files of headhunters. They’re ...
  • Networking for the Right Job

    Networking is by far the most effective way to find a practice opportunity that is a good fit with both your skills and personality. About two-thirds of all positions are filled through networking, because it only stands to reason that employers would prefer to hire someone referred by colleagues they know and trust. Networking not only expands your chances for finding the type of position you are seeking and may reveal unpublicized openings, it ...
  • Networking for success

    NETWORKING FOR SUCCESS A Primer for Residents in Training By Welsey Millican When it came to the practice of medicine, Jennifer Lee* was tops in her class at Howard University and was one of the most prized staff members at the University of Virginia Medical Center. But by the end of her residency, Dr. Lee found herself at a loss when it came to determining what to do next. Although pursued by several key research hospitals, Lee thought ...
  • Mentoring

    Mentoring By Wesley Millican The word mentor comes to us from Mentor who, in ancient Greek myth, was the counselor to Telemachus, the wandering son of Ulysses. Today, the typical mentor relationship is perhaps somewhat less exotic, but no less important to a young professional’s successful training if the mentorship is healthy and well managed by both mentor and mentee. In this CareerPhysician article we explore the qualities and ...
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