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You've worked hard to get where you are at, so make sure all your bases are covered. The Medical Malpractice & Risk Management community offers information such as mock claims, terms and expert advice on the headaches of Medical Malpractice & Risk Management.


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  • What To Do (and Not Do) When You Are Sued: Ten Tips for the Physician Defendant

    Finding yourself on the wrong end of a medical malpractice suit can be a professionally disheartening and personally devastating event in a physician's career. But, statistically, a majority of U.S. physicians will be sued at least once during their lifetime. And, depending on specialty and practice location, many doctors can expect to be the target of multiple professional liability actions during their careers. While being a defendant in a ...
  • Malpractice and Risk Management

    Medical Professional Liability Coverage When choosing a malpractice insurance carrier, several issues should be discussed prior to making a decision. Some of these include: Ability to choose own attorney Point in a claim situation when legal representation is provided Choosing occurrence coverage vs. claims made coverage Consent to settle Limits of liability Risk management services Cancellation terms Premiums Hospitals usually require limits of ...

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  • Risk Management

    A set of methodologies applied to your investment strategies, decisions and overall focus, intended to reduce or even eliminate unnecessary risk of capital loss in your investment portfolio. CareerPhysician
    by admin on 05-07-2009

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  • When may I treat a minor without parental consent?

    A person under age 18 is considered a minor and generally may not consent to their own medical treatment without authorization from a parent, guardian or custodian. There are exceptions to this rule. In an emergency, the physician should try to obtain...
    by admin on 08-22-2011

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