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Nervous about a lunch interview (to slurp the soup or not?), scared about balancing your time wisely? Fear not, the Professionalism community offers invaluable articles and suggestions such as Medical Ethics, The Impact of Personality, Platform skills and more!


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  • Lights! Camera! Action!

    Prepare: Before you go on camera: Attire Wear dark blue or brown and try to avoid black. Know Your Story Focus your broad knowledge of your subject into three key messages that tell a complete story. Think about what you would like the headline to be, and what you want your audience to remember. Consider the Audience Whom are you trying to reach? Make sure your messages and your supporting information are tailored to your audience. Avoid jargon ...
  • Practice Operations Overview

    "So. What are you going to do when you complete your medical training?" It's a question you're probably hearing a lot from your family, your friends and your colleagues. Answering that question will involve a lot of research and hard work on your part. However, developing the knowledge and skills to answer it successfully for you was likely not part of your medical training.You are in the Medical Physician in Transition phase. ...
  • International Protocol

    Going Global – A Guide on International Protocols We live and work in a global economy. Thanks to the conveniences of modern technology, geographic distance is not a barrier for conducting business worldwide. It is likely that you have already encountered various forms of cultural diversity in your career as a physician. Whether it is through teachers, peers, colleagues, advisors, or patients, you will continuously find yourself ...

Most Recent Terms

  • Trait Procrastinators

    A personality trait which includes an irrational tendency to delay beginning and/or completing tasks that should be completed http://content.health.msn.com/content/pages/9/1674_51220 http://www.idr-journal.com/IDR_freeview.pdf
    by admin on 05-07-2009
  • Time Log

    A system of writing, recording and analyzing time and activity. http://www.time-management-guide.com/time-log.html http://www.kansascity.com/mld/kansascity/business/9034761.htm
    by admin on 05-07-2009
  • Time Management Tool

    An electronic device or paper-based system that aids in planning your time, scheduling events, tracking accomplishments and keeping notes. Common and popuar systems include Day-at-a-Glance books and Palm pilot PDAs. http://ollie.dcccd.edu/mgmt1374/book_contents...
    by admin on 05-07-2009
  • Scribes

    A person or software engaged to capture and record significant findings and observations. http://www.ophmanagement.com/archive_results.asp?article=85900⊂=1152 http://www.laidlawcompliance.com/emc/2004%20Policies/313%20Use%20of%20Scribes.pdf
    by admin on 05-07-2009
  • Planning Grid

    A time management tool or device designed for organizing your workload and to ensure routine tasks are performed. http://www.ascp.com/public/pubs/tcp/1997/sep/helpfulideas.html
    by admin on 05-07-2009
  • Retrograde Planning

    A drawing or diagram showing parts or details to plan backward for the future. http://www.saem.org/download/chisholm.pdf
    by admin on 05-07-2009
  • Delegation

    Giving authority to perform a certain task or tasks to someone lower down in the organizational hierarchy. The act of assigning responsibility. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oi=defmore&q=define:delegation
    by admin on 05-07-2009
  • Master List

    An ongoing list of everything you need or want to do and includes short, near and long-term objectives and projects. http://www.emedicine.com/emerg/topic673.htm#section~planning_tools
    by admin on 05-07-2009
  • PDAs

    Personal Digital Assisant; one of any number of electronic, hand-held devices used to organize your life. Popular brands include Palmt, Sony, Pyxis, Apple and Scion.
    by admin on 05-07-2009
  • Day-Timer

    Paper or electronic instrument designed to organize daily activities, actions, and time management. http://ollie.dcccd.edu/mgmt1374/book_contents/3organizing/timemgmt/tool.htm
    by admin on 05-07-2009
  • Action Plan

    A document used to guide the implementation of business process improvements. It contains task assignments, schedules, resource allocations, assignments, and evaluation criteria http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oi=defmore&q...
    by admin on 05-07-2009
  • Power Sharing

    A strategy for resolving disputes over who should have the most powerful position in the social hierarchy. Instead of fighting over who should have power over whom, power sharing relies upon the joint exercise of power. If conflicts can be reframed to...
    by admin on 05-07-2009
  • Mirror Imaging

    A strategy, which parties, can use to assess the reasonableness of their behavior. It asks the parties to look at themselves the way others see them and make appropriate changes if they do not like what they see. Once this is understood, parties can change...
    by admin on 05-07-2009
  • Mutuality

    A reciprocal relation between interdependent entities (objects or individuals or groups. A method for clarifying elements in awareness, which involves bouncing two or more weak and unclear impressions, perceptions, ideas, feelings, sensations, or other...
    by admin on 05-07-2009
  • Informal Mediation

    Informal mediation is the use of someone internal to the organization who uses mediation techniques to help resolve issues among staff. The informal mediator does not have the advantages of outside neutrality or impartiality: He or she is a known entity...
    by admin on 05-07-2009

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