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  • How to Increase the Number of Primary Care Physicians Demand for Doctors Reaches All-Time High By Art Young Takeaways The recently passed healthcare act will give new insurance coverage to 32 million people Because of a lack of compensation, there are not enough primary care physicians Solutions to this challenge will come from innovative new policies The recently passed healthcare reform legislation in the United States will soon give 32 ...
  • 5 things to keep in mind when negotiating your first employment agreement: 1) Always Negotiate: An institution's or practice's goal is always to attract the best talent with the leanest economic and professional package possible. Failure to negotiate for those personal, professional, and economic items important to you and your family will likely have negative long term implications on your time in the role. It is better to "ask in ...
  • Finding yourself on the wrong end of a medical malpractice suit can be a professionally disheartening and personally devastating event in a physician's career. But, statistically, a majority of U.S. physicians will be sued at least once during their lifetime. And, depending on specialty and practice location, many doctors can expect to be the target of multiple professional liability actions during their careers. While being a defendant in a ...
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I've been advised by my program director to nail down an employment contract - negotiated and executed - many months prior to completing my training? What's the rush?

There are some very good reasons to work toward the goal of having an employment contract executed 12-6 months prior to completion of training. For instance, if you are moving to a new state, you will need to obtain a license to practice in that state...
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