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Most medical residents and fellows have spent years getting ready to become a practicing physician. Unfortunately, while the clinical training is intense, there is very little in the way of life-skills training. Meet CareerPhysician, a company committed to providing invaluable educational offerings sure to enhance the return on your educational investment. CareerPhysician is the premier leader when it comes to empowering the 110,000 medical resident and fellows and their 8,700 training programs through social networking communities, cutting-edge career and business of medicine education, and trusted financial and professional services resources.


CareerPhysician takes great pride in its current model and the accessibility of each of their offerings. In addition to the website, the CareerPhysician On-Site paradigm is a vital tool in ensuring that each Resident and Fellows greatly benefits from the practical, non-clinical training that CareerPhysician provides.


Our On-Site Offerings Include:

The Launch Your Career Series: CareerPhysician has successfully conducted more than 400 session of this this highly rated seminar series at teaching programs across the nation. Residents, Fellows and Program Directors have all received enormous benefits from this customized series, which simultaneously address the career needs of the student and the RRC and ACGME requirements of the Program Director. CareerPhysician is committed to providing invaluable educational offerings sure to enhance the return on your educational investment.

CP Leadership Forum: CareerPhysician hosts this annual premiere event designed to ignite the desire to lead in Senior Residents and Fellows from all over the nation. Attendees are identified by their program directors as having strong character and leadership potential.  A weekend filled with enriching material certain to strengthen each Chief’s leadership skills and ultimately, their contributions to their training programs in the ensuing academic year.

CPAdvisor: CareerPhysician focuses and engages on students in this one-on-one, confidential format. Designed with the sole-purpose of generating a more personal focus for each student, CPAdvisor is generally offered on the campus of the participating institution.


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