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  • How to Increase the Number of Primary Care Physicians
  • 5 Things to Keep in Mind When Negotiating Your First Employment Agreement
  • What To Do (and Not Do) When You Are Sued: Ten Tips for the Physician Defendant
  • Academic vs Private Practice Ophthalmology
  • What Are Good Goals?

CPArticles are a vital tool in the evolution of your career journey. Designed to offer perspective, answer questions and formulate thoughts, these articles have been compiled and written by leading media outlets, Professors, Chief Residents, medical staff as well as contributions from CareerPhysicians' staff members.

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  • National Practitioner Database Use

    The world of medicine is changing rapidly and as a new physician entering the marketplace you should become keenly aware of and familiar with two nationwide databases that have been created over the last several years. They are - • The National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB), and • The Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank (HIPDB) Both of these databases were compiled as part of an integrated initiative to respond to ...
  • Formal Dining: 12 Rules of Etiquette

    You might be surprised to realize how important professional protocol is to realizing your professional, as well as your personal goals. A recent study conducted by Harvard University , Stanford Research Institute, and the Carnegie Foundation revealed that technical knowledge accounts for only 15% of why a person gets a job and keeps a job. The other 85% is based on soft skills, people skills, or what is known as professional etiquette. In the ...
  • My Goals, My Programs, Our Future

    At a recent Leadership Forum, Career Physician President Wesley Millican led a group of Chief Residents in a discussion of goal setting. Fewer than 1% of polled residents have committed their professional goals to paper in writing, and Millican stresses that taking the time to clearly define goals is the first step toward actually achieving them....
  • Practice Financial Statements

    The biggest medical career decision you will make following your medical training will likely be joining a medical practice. A practice is a small business and you will be entering the business of medicine. Very likely you will have business partners in this enterprise. As with any investigation into a business’s financial health and stability, you must perform a rigorous analysis of the practice’s finances and business metrics. Two ...
  • Conducting an Effective Employment Search

    Introduction After several years of significant effort, you are now ready to begin your search for the perfect medical practice opportunity. Maybe you have already practiced and are looking for a change. Whatever your situation, you now want to search for a position and it is important that you find one that is a good fit with your knowledge, skills and personal goals. If you are completing a residency or fellowship, it is likely that the final ...
  • Personality Assessment

    Overview of Personality Assessment Tools Organization development professionals, marriage and family counselors, and psychologists all use a variety of assessment tools to determine how individuals process information, how they relate to one another, how they handle conflict, behave in a team, make decisions, deal with change, and communicate. One of the oldest known personality typing systems is the Enneagram, which is thought by some to have ...
  • Employment Agreements

    Some employers may provide a verbal offer and an employment contract for your review. In almost all cases, the employment agreement is a binding contract. You should seek legal counsel regarding the employment contract. In addition to the guidance provided by your legal counsel, consider the areas that follow. Term – How long of a period is the contract for? How many days notice are required for termination of the contract? Salary and ...
  • Productivity-Based Physician Compensation

    A recent study by the American Medical Group Association found that over two-thirds of U.S. medical groups use productivity-based systems to determine at lease half of physician compensation. Many practices, especially single-specialty groups, are finding that productivity-based compensation models can be more fair and equitable than other models, such as capitation or fixed-salary models. Healthcare industry consultants also point out that, for ...
  • Physician Buy-In Questions

    Is there a “buy-in” to the group to become a shareholder? Once you determine if you will have an opportunity to become a shareholder in the group, inquire about whether or not there will be a “buy-in.” A buy-in is a financial purchase by you to become a shareholder. Usually, a buy-in allows you to be compensated as other shareholders in the group. Determine if your buy-in will result in equal ownership of the group among ...
  • Medical Practice Management: Finance-Key Concepts

    Introduction While many important non-financial considerations contribute to a decision regarding a practice opportunity, this component of the Tool Kit will focus on key financial concepts. The purpose is to provide: (1) an introduction to medical practice financial concepts; (2) insight into key issues related to group practice financial performance; and (3) probing questions to better understand the financial potential of an opportunity. In ...
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