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CPArticles are a vital tool in the evolution of your career journey. Designed to offer perspective, answer questions and formulate thoughts, these articles have been compiled and written by leading media outlets, Professors, Chief Residents, medical staff as well as contributions from CareerPhysicians' staff members.

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  • Formal Dining: 12 Rules of Etiquette

    You might be surprised to realize how important professional protocol is to realizing your professional, as well as your personal goals. A recent study conducted by Harvard University , Stanford Research Institute, and the Carnegie Foundation revealed that technical knowledge accounts for only 15% of why a person gets a job and keeps a job. The other 85% is based on soft skills, people skills, or what is known as professional etiquette. In the ...
  • Balance - The Key to Satisfaction

    The stresses and strains that inevitably accompany your life as a resident or fellow are considerable. As hectic as your day feels, the challenging pace can actually help prepare you for the next stages in your career advancement - if you learn how to cope with the new and escalating pressures by successfully achieving a healthy balance between your work and your life outside of work. Most experts who study and recommend techniques for helping ...
  • Physician Buy-In Questions

    Is there a “buy-in” to the group to become a shareholder? Once you determine if you will have an opportunity to become a shareholder in the group, inquire about whether or not there will be a “buy-in.” A buy-in is a financial purchase by you to become a shareholder. Usually, a buy-in allows you to be compensated as other shareholders in the group. Determine if your buy-in will result in equal ownership of the group among ...
  • Partnership and Buy-Ins

    Introduction If there is an opportunity to become a shareholder in the group, inquire about whether or not there will be a “buy-in.” A buy-in is a financial purchase by a new partner to become a shareholder. Usually, a buy-in allows equal compensation among others in the group. It is important to determine if the buy-in will result in equal ownership of the group among the shareholders. Necessity to Join Once the opportunity has been ...
  • My Goals, My Programs, Our Future

    At a recent Leadership Forum, Career Physician President Wesley Millican led a group of Chief Residents in a discussion of goal setting. Fewer than 1% of polled residents have committed their professional goals to paper in writing, and Millican stresses that taking the time to clearly define goals is the first step toward actually achieving them....
  • Dealing with the Problem Resident

    Dealing with the Problem Resident “How can I handle a difficult resident in my program?” asked a newly-appointed Chief Resident at a recent Leadership Forum for Chief Residents in Ophthalmology. Learning how to create positive resolutions with a problem resident or fellow can change the direction of their career, according to Anthony Arnold, M.D., Program Director of the Jules Stein Eye Institute at UCLA. It can also enhance the ...
  • Operations

    Introduction: In order to effectively evaluate a practice, the operational structure and daily operations of the office must be understood. The operational efficiencies, or inefficiencies, can have a direct impact on the economic return, both short and long term, and should not be ignored. A lack of understanding of how the medical practice operates, as well as how day to day decisions are made, can at a minimum cause a great deal of frustration ...
  • Credentialing

    By getting through medical school and residency, you prove that you have one important character trait: perseverance! You will need this trait as you wade through the mire of paperwork necessary to begin practicing your profession, and you will continue to need it throughout your career. Highlighting this point in his article, Completing the Important Practice Paperwork, Dr. Peter Alguire explained, “Physicians must produce documentation ...
  • What I Wish I’d Known Then – 1st Year Residency

    What I Wish I’d Known Then – 1st Year Residency Contributing authors: Alice Lin, MD (2nd year resident, Case Western Reserve) and Dan Knoch, MD (2nd year resident, University of Wisconsin) “What I Wish I’d Known Then” is a series of reflective articles that will enable young ophthalmologist and senior residents and fellows to provide valuable insights to their younger colleagues engaged in the training experience. ...
  • Managed Care - Market Analysis and Strategy Development

    Why is it important? It is Friday night and your high school football team is playing in the state championship playoffs. It is imperative for your team to know: a) the strengths and weakness of the other team b) when to call a certain play to gain optimal yardage c) where the ball must be to score points d) what plays to call to score points e) all of the above The practice you are evaluating is much like your high school football team. The ...
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