Craig Hillemeier, MD
Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics at Penn State University

Dr. Hillemier is a pediatric gastroenterologist and Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics at Penn State University. Dr. Hillemeier served most recently as the CEO of Penn State Health 2014-2019. Prior to that office, Dr. Hillemeier held a number of administrative roles at Penn State University College of Medicine, including Dean (2014-2019) Senior Vice President of Health Affairs (2014-2019) 2019 and Chair of Pediatrics (2001-2014). During his tenure as Chair of Pediatrics, Dr. Hillemeier led the effort to build a free-standing Children’s Hospital. As the Vice Dean of Clinical Affairs he established a medical group with the roughly 1000 academic physicians in order to prepare the medical center to play a lead role in the establishment of Penn State Health. As Dean of the Penn State College of Medicine and CEO of Penn State Health he led the effort to create a health system that combined the resources of several community hospitals with the leadership of an academic medical center. Dr. Hillemeier also served on the Board of Directors and as the Chair of the Board for the American Board of Pediatrics.

Dr. Hillemeier’s leadership philosophy centers on the importance of pediatric leaders learning how the values of respect, integrity and transparency can be transformed into the basis for exceptional leadership. Balancing the everchanging resource environment to insure that faculty and staff feel their contributions are supported and acknowledged is a challenge that requires a commitment to values based leadership that performs at the highest level. Having had the benefit of strong mentorship and coaching throughout his career, Dr. Hillemeier emphasizes the value of learning the principles of strong leadership principles as they play out in real life experiences. He believes developing a culture of transparency, accountability and a vision that others feel invested in is not a trivial task and one that he has found benefits tremendously from advice and support.

Dr. Hillemeier is motivated by helping others grow and become successful leaders. He is passionate about giving others the opportunity to become leaders and providing the nurturing and support necessary to help them become successful leaders.

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