• Our first client, after starting the firm in 2000, is still our client today.
  • Successfully completed more than 400 child health searches at the c-suite, chair, chief, service line and faculty levels.
  • Shared risk model for fees with billing spread out over 6-12 months vs 90 days.
  • Repeat business from all but three clients over the history of the firm.
  • One-year placement guarantee on all searches.
  • Proven search methodology has led to only one replacement search in twenty years compared to the industry average of 10%.
  • Limited number of clients to ensure minimized candidate off-limits and access to the most comprehensive leadership talent pools for our clients.
  • Never recruited a placed leader away from a client in the last 20 years.
  • Founded the Child Health Advisory Council, comprised of national thought leaders in academic pediatrics, to provide an elite level of consultative resource to our pediatric department and children’s hospital clients
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