• Built on its founder, Wesley Millican’s passion, CareerPhysician seeks to impact the lives of children and families through the recruitment and retention of world-class physician and executive leaders.
  • Focused commitment on the physician leadership and complex subspecialty talent needs of departments of pediatrics and children’s hospitals.
  • Demonstrated search committee management expertise that has all but eliminated failed searches and ensures the highest level of personalized attention to pediatric clients and candidates.
  • Committed to long standing, trust-based client relationships. Our first client, from 2000, is still our client today.
  • Addressing the entirety of the physician leadership lifecycle: Beginning with its nationally recognized Launch Your Career® series for house staff to search strategy and through to succession planning and legacy protection.
  • Excel at proactively and strategically engaging top 10% candidates who are happy in their current roles and must be systematically pursued. CareerPhysician does not rely on ads or direct mail for candidate generation.
  • Proven methodologies combined with in-depth knowledge of child health cultures greatly enhances the fit, contributions and legacies of newly placed leaders.
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